Our future
demands Creative

We back  globally sustainable successful ventures that are humanity centered, relevant, insightful and powered by creative thinking – for a world that demands new solutions like never before.

& Grounded.

At House of Creative Entrepreneurship, our motto is happiness first. Our team follows a shared set of values that empower entrepreneurs with the space they need to generate grand, transformative ideas.

We are conscious capitalists who advocate resilience, empathy and problem-solving creative solutions. We are driven by love, beauty and purpose.

Business, now.

We envision an environmentally sustainable world, home to societies in which all people have the opportunity to live a meaningful life. We therefore help anyone who aims to build organizations contributing
towards this future.
We invest in the next generation of creative technologists, humanity-driven entrepreneurs, and talents who believe enough is never enough: Radicals and Provocateurs with an urgent desire for a higher purpose and an enhanced future – using science, technology, creativity and design.

We are where innovation, business and purpose meet to source, craft and release creative entrepreneurs into the world.

Join the drive.

We Back Ideas, We back you.

At our House, it’s all about individuals and teams with magnificent sustainable ideas. 

To enable this we’ve designed a House of CE path – to channel each idea with the individual attention it may need to fly. Given this path, we are able to set priorities and manage our energy, focus and capacity.

By literally testing the House path ourselves, we have realised that we now need to share it with other creative entrepreneurs to help them make their transformative ideas a reality.

We don’t just write cheques to make ideas happen. We stand by your side, roll up our sleeves and get to work with you, to help launch your moonshots into the universe. 

We are the one offs. 
Your partners and mentors.

We Stress Test,
Shape Vision, Reset –
and then Release
creative entrepreneurs into the world.

We’re on the move.

We love partnering and assisting to launch creative entities, here are a few of our latest outputs. The products and outputs inspired by the house, are the heroes.

We are the enablers. The empowerers. The behind the scenes doers, makers and motivators


We are growing at pace and there are new jobs and opportunities
posted here all the time.

We are currently looking for these positions. Please keep visiting us
to see if any could be a perfect fit for your ambitions.



Purposeful risk takers are a wonderful bunch. They defy traditional norms and challenge us to think about our own realities: to consider (and perhaps reconsider) all the things that hold us back from accessing the fires in our bellies that urge us to do more, be more, feel more and live more vitally following the purpose that gets your blood pumping and the hair on our arms rising up to salute the sky.

And this is the goal right? To be able to feed yourself with the right stuff, so that you can not only perform at your peak happiness, but that you can share your positive energy and productivity with others, through what you do, while you’re doing it: The perfect virtuous circle, a positive loop, the ultimate symbiotic secret sauce. Wow, what if you could pull that one off? To step up and take the leap and claim your own purposeful potential. How would that feeling feel?

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